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DIY Cinnamon Stick and Needle Felted Sheep

I might be biased since I’m a yarn addict, but I love love sheep! These cute little sheep are super fun to make for kids or adults and are adorable as mantle decorations, homemade toys or ornaments. And with the addition of cinnamon stick legs, they smell yummy too! Be sure to place a pillow under your foam so that you don’t accidentally break the tips of your felting needle.

Difficulty level: moderate
Time required: 30 minutes

Things you’ll need:
Wool roving
Syrofoam balls
Cinnamon sticks
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Needle felting needle
Piece of foam

Things to do:
1. Glue short pieces of cinnamon stick to the bottom of the ball splayed out to make legs.

2. Wrap wool roving around the ball so that it covers all surfaces, leaving just the cinnamon stick legs poking out.

3. Using your felting needle, poke the needle into the roving repeatedly. Laying the sheep onto the foam and then onto a pillow so you don’t jab yourself! The tiny barbs on the needle help bind the individual strands of wool together (they have tiny little barbs too! It’s what holds them together when you felt things!) Continue this process until the body felt is well bonded together.

4. Roll a small ball of wool to form the head. Before joining it to the body, punch the needle onto the ball of wool to solidify the head. Use this same process to attach the head to the body of the sheep.

5. Roll a small amount of wool into a tube and, just like with the head, needle felt until it’s well bonded.

6. Cut the tube shape in half to create two ears. Using the needle, punch into to join the ears to the head to finish!

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