DIY Chalkboard Photo Frame

Record your memories with this sentimental chalkboard photo frame. Use the space to write about the photo inside, and remind your loved ones just how much you care about them. This project is great to do with kids, and also makes a wonderful gift.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 30 minutes plus time for the paint to dry.
Age range: 10 and up.

Things you’ll need:
Wooden Photo Frame
Chalkboard Paint
Foam brush
Container of Water

Things to do:
1. Prep your photo frame by covering the glass with tape or a piece of paper to protect it from any stray paint.

2. Use your paintbrush and the chalkboard paint to cover the surface of the frame. Make sure the strokes are even, so it will be easy to write on later.

3. Let the first coat of paint dry for a minimum of two hours. Be sure the paint is completely dry before applying a second coat. Like the first layer, apply the paint evenly to prevent any bubbling that may occur.

4. Allow the second coat to dry completely. I suggest letting the paint sit overnight to make sure it is ready. Once you’ve given the paint adequate time to dry, you’re going to cure your chalkboard. Take a piece of chalk, and rub it evenly across the entire surface until it is white in color. Once it has been covered, use an eraser to remove the chalk.

5. Once you’ve cured the chalkboard, it is ready for use! Enjoy using this photo frame to record memories or write encouraging notes to the ones you love.

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