DIY Chalkboard Notebook

Send your kids back to school in style with this simple chalkboard notebook. They’re sure to love customizing the cover and keeping track of their assignments on their own personal blackboard.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 30 Minutes
Age range: 10 and Up

Things you’ll need:
Chalkboard paint
Foam brush
Chalk ink pen

Things to do:
1. Spread a piece of newspaper over your table to protect the surface.

2. Use a sponge brush to apply a layer of chalk paint to the front cover of the notebook.

3. Once the first layer has dried, apply a second, thicker layer of paint. Let it dry completely.
4. Now it’s time to cure your chalkboard. Rub a piece of white chalk over the surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

5. Write the subject on the top of the notebook with a chalk ink pen and enjoy!

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