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DIY Boho Macrame Pendant Light

This pendant light adds the perfect bohemian vibe to your space. In a few simple steps, you can totally transform a standard lamp kit into something unique and fresh.

Things you’ll need:
Lamp kit
Edison bulb
Macrame cord

Things to do:
1. Cut a piece of macrame that measures 4 times longer than the total length of your cord.
2. Find the center of your piece of macrame and place the cord in the middle.
3. Next, you’re going to start knotting down the cord. Place the left piece over the cord and the right piece under the cord. Pull the left piece up through the loop and the right side down through the loop. As you knot your way down the cord, you’ll start to see a twisting pattern.
4. When you reach the end of your macrame, tie a double knot and trim the ends.
5. Screw in your Edison bulb and display your macrame pendant light!

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