DIY Big Flower Headband

We love big giant flowers in our house. On our hats, on our lapels, in vases, on wreathes, and with the current craze for fascinators, now, right on our heads. Or, more accurately, on our headbands.

Things you need:
Large silk flower
Thin fabric covered headband
Elastic thread
Large shank button
Small flat button

Things to do:
1. Pull the stem off of the flower and disassemble the layers. If there are plastic support pieces between layers, keep them with their layers. Discard the stem and the plastic core that holds the flower together.
2. Thread the elastic through the hole of the shank.
3. With both ends of the elastic, thread through the layers of the flower, starting with the smallest petals.
4. Once the elastic is threaded all the way through the flower, thread the ends through separate holes of the flat button and tie tightly.
5. Slip the headband between the flower and the flat button and slide into place.

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