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DIY Beaded Hair Barrettes

These beaded barrettes can be made with any kind of small bead. Mix and match bead and wire colors to create thousands of different designs.

Things you’ll need:
Small beads
Bobby pins
Craft wire
Needle nose pliers

Things to do:
1. Cut a piece of craft wire that is less than 10” long.
2. Pull one end of your craft wire through the end loop of your bobby pin.
3. Secure your wire by wrapping it through the middle and pulling it around the end of your bobby pin 3-5 times. Make sure to leave a small tail” at the end of your wire which is being secured.
4. String a bead on the the long end of your craft wire.
5. Secure this bead by wrapping your craft wire through your bobby pin and looping it back around 3-5 times.
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you are about one bead’s length from the end of your bobby pin.
7. Continue to wrap your craft wire around the open end of your bobby pin and cut off any extra wire.
8. Use your jewelry pliers to squeeze the small wire tails down into place.
9. To wear your barrettes, simply open them like you would a bobby pin and sweep into your hair.

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