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Decorated Garden Gloves

Yard work may not be your favorite activity, but these decorated garden gloves are sure to lift your spirits as you’re pulling weeds! Use acrylic paints to create a custom design that will make you smile whenever you use them. These adorable gloves also make awesome gifts that are practical and personal. You and your friends are sure to love these gloves for a long time!

Difficulty level: Beginner
Time to complete: 15 minutes
Age range: 8 and up. *Younger ages can complete with assistance.

Things you’ll need:
A pair of new garden gloves
Acrylic paint or fabric paint
Water to rinse brushes

Things to do:
1. Using a pen, trace a design onto your garden gloves. If you’re giving them as a gift, consider drawing a design that might have a special meaning to the recipient. Use your creativity to make the gloves completely unique and special.

2. Use a paintbrush to color the design you have chosen. Several coats will keep the colors looking vibrant and beautiful. If you are drawing any flowers on your gloves, the end of a paintbrush works very well to create perfect petals. Simply cover the end of your brush with paint and press onto the glove five times in a petal pattern.

3. Allow gloves to dry completely to prevent smudging.

Decorated garden gloves also make a great gift for Mother’s Day. The kids will love picking out a fun color and painting a design that shows mom just how much they love her. They are inexpensive, practical and personal, making them the perfect gift for any occasion!

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