Creepy Googly Eye Frame

Here’s a cute and creepy way to display your fall pictures and art. Googly eyes! Your kids will love to make AND to look at this project! And bonus points if you use glow in the dark googly eyes for an extra creepy look!

Things you’ll need:
Mixed google eyes
Craft glue
Wood frame
White acrylic paint (optional)

Things to do:
1. If desired, paint the frame with a thin coat of white to match the back of the eyes. Allow the paint to dry.

2. Starting in one corner of the frame, spread about an inch square with a thin coat of glue. Arrange the googly eyes at random but fairly close to one another, until you have covered the glue.

3. Move on to a new section of the frame, working in one inch sections until the entire frame is covered. Allow the glue to dry before adding a photo or art to the frame.

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