Crayon Initial Artwork

Just the thing for a primary teacher’s desk or a budding artist’s room, these crayon initials look much more complicated to make than they really are. For the best results, start with a brand new package of crayons with nice, sharp tips.

Things you’ll need:
Square canvas
Craft glue
Printer paper
Craft knife and cutting mat

Things to do:
1. Print the letter you will use at a size that fits, but doesn’t overwhelm, the canvas.
2. Flip the paper over and, using a window or light box, trace the letter with the pencil, pressing down firmly to make a thick line of graphite.
3. Center the letter on the canvas, printed side up, and rub the pencil along the edges of the letter. This will transfer the tracing from the backside onto the canvas.

4. Lay crayons out along the top edge of the tracing, trimming or adding sections to cover all the way across, being sure to line up the tip and the flat end with the lines of the traced letter. Glue down.

5. Continue to add crayons in layers until the entire letter has been created. Allow the canvas to dry flat before hanging.

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