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Cork and Foam Stamps

This easy craft makes use of recycled wine corks and craft foam and ends up with just exactly the stamp you want (and need!) If the ends of your cork aren’t entirely flat, trim away a layer with a craft knife to give yourself a better working surface. And double the number of stamps you can create by turning each end of the cork into a different stamp!

Things you’ll need:
Craft foam
Scissors and/or craft knife
Craft glue
Stamp pad

Things to do:
1. If necessary, smooth out the flat end of your cork by trimming away any lumps and bumps.
2. Cut small shapes out of the craft foam using the scissors and/or the craft knife.

3. Glue the shape firmly to the end of the cork, making sure the foam shape is nice and flat.

4. Once the glue is entirely dry, stamp away!

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