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Clothespin People

In my experience, little girls love dolls. All dolls. Any dolls. As many dolls as they can get their little fingers onto. So this is a perfect quiet afternoon project to do for, or with, the little doll lover in your life. For a less messy/paint free version, follow the same steps with markers.

Things you’ll need:
Acrylic paints in a variety of colors
Small paintbrush
Skewer or toothpick

Things to do:
1. On a covered work surface, spread out the dolls and get your paints ready to use. Start with the legs of the dolls, which are also the legs of the clothespins. Paint these with two coats of paint. Think tights, pants or just bare” legs when choosing your colors here.
2. Next tackle the shirts” of the doll, painting the second bump down from the top all the way around with another color, be careful to keep the paint neat around the neck”.
3. Using the same color as the shirt to make a dress, or a different color for a skirt or pants, paint the top of the legs (or the legs to the ankles if you are doing pants) with another color.
4. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to add details. Use the toothpick to add jewelry, buttons and buckles to the clothes and paint the tips of the legs” to create shoes.
5. Finally add a face to your dolls, first by dotting on eyes with the tip of the toothpick and then by sweeping paint on for the hair. Allow the dolls to dry before playing.

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