Cinnamon Stick Santa Ornaments

The holidays are here and it’s time to start thinking decorating! These cinnamon stick Santas are so much fun to make for kids and adults alike and make great decorations, gift toppers and ornaments! Plus, bonus! They smell great too! Make fat or thin, short of tall Santas depending on your cinnamon stick size and thickness (you could even make little gnomes from short fat sticks! How cute!)

Time required: 15 minutes plus dry time
Difficulty level: Easy

Things you’ll need:
Cinnamon sticks
Craft paint in white and red
Permanent marker

Things to do:
1. Pain the tip 1/3 of each cinnamon stick red. You may need two coats to get the best coverage.

2. Once the red is dry, dab on white in a thin line around the bottom edge of the red and then add a beard, still dabbing the white, to create a textured appearance. Try to rotate the cinnamon stick so that the seam where the curls meet look like legs facing you when you choose a side for the beard.

3. Add a blog of dabbed white to the top of the red to create a puff ball.
4. Once the white is dry, blend a little red and white together to create a pale pink and paint a tiny section in for the face. When it’s dry, add two eyes with the marker to finish.

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