Children’s Art Handmade Soap

Every Year my kids bring home piles of art, and I struggle with what to do with it other than hang it on the fridge or slip it into their memory box. This year, I’m putting their art to good use as Christmas Gifts for the Grandparents with these little art handmade soap bars. If you’ve never made soap before, this is a great way to try your hand at it as Glycerin soaps are among the easiest to make. And just think how happy the grandparents will be to get something handmade by you and the kids!

Things you need:
Children’s Artwork
Transparency Paper
Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle
Soap or candy molds
Glycerin soap base
Double boiler

Things to do:
1. Photocopy your artwork onto the transparency paper, sizing it down so that it will fit into your molds easily.
2. Cut around the edges of the artwork, trimming to a neat edge.
3. Melt the glycerin soap base in your double boiler over medium heat. You can add a few drops of essential oil here if you want scented soap.
4. Lightly spray the molds with the rubbing alcohol and fill halfway with the melted soap. Let the soap set up for 30 seconds before centering the artwork in the mold. Spray lightly again with alcohol and carefully fill the molds the rest of the way.
5. Allow the soap to harden completely before removing from the molds. The artwork should appear suspended in soap, perfect for the guest bath at the grandparent’s house. (Hint! This also makes a great teacher’s gift!)

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