Chalked Pantry Jar Lids

I live in the woods, and because of that I have… little critters… that love to sneak into my house. So I tend to keep ALL of my pantry items tucked safely away in glass jars, which is convenient, because I love the look of shining jars versus mismatched boxes. The problem with jars is that sometimes I forget what’s in them and, in the case of the jars in my drawers, I have to lift up each jar to find the one I want. The solution? Chalkboard paint on the lids! Perfect!

Things you’ll need:
Mason jar lids
Chalkboard paint
Foam brush

Things to do:
1. Lay the newsprint out on your work surface and spread the lids and rings out so that there is plenty of space between each.

2. Paint two or three thin coats of paint on all of the pieces (but not the underside of the lid!) allowing each coat to dry well before adding the next.

3. Allow the paint to cure, at least overnight, before screwing the tops onto your jars and chalking on your pantry staples.

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