Chalkboard Paint Eggs

This project is a fun and unusual one to add to your Easter decor. Perfect for place setting at a brunch, these eggs are also a great twist on the traditional egg hunt eggs. Write messages on the eggs or have kids search for an egg that says PRIZE” instead of using plastic eggs.

Things you’ll need:
Paper mache eggs
Chalkboard spray paint or Chalkboard paint
Cardboard box

Egg Cups

Things to do:
1. Lay your eggs out in the cardboard box in a well ventilated area, if you are using spray paint.
2. Spray (or paint) the eggs with a thin coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry and then roll the eggs to reveal the unpainted side and spray again. Repeat until the eggs are well coated on all sides.
3. Add names or messages with chalk and use with your Easter decor!

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