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Category: Party and Special Occasion

Delicate Baskets Made from Lace Doilies

These little baskets are easy to make with lace doilies and can be used year-round. You can use these delicate lace doily baskets to hold pretty little soaps, decorative rocks, or even use them to hold flower petals. You can use these for the Easter holiday season to hold decorated eggs and small goodies for the little ones. These baskets would also make great little favors for an added shabby chic or vintage feel. They would also make great gifts for that special someone.
Things you need:
Lace Doily (of your choice; cotton doily not paper)
Stiffy Fabric Stiffener
Dish (of your choice to shape your basket)

Things to do:
1. Find a dish that you would like use to form the shape of your basket. Flip the dish upside and cover with plastic wrap.
2. Pour a small amount of the Stiffy Fabric Stiffener into another bowl and soak your lace doily until it is completely saturated. Be sure that it is completely saturated and wring out any excess stiffener.
3. Place your saturated lace doily over the plastic wrapped bowl (you can also place the doily along the inside of the bowl if you so desire). Smooth the doily across the bottom of the bowl and along its sides. You may need to shape the sides of the lace doily to be sure that it form curves. Try overlapping the excess doily over itself if your doily does not form perfectly around the dish.
4. Let the lace dry completely, then slowly peel the plastic wrap and doily from the dish. Then you can finally the plastic wrap away from the doily basket.

Project Ideas:
You can try interlacing different types of ribbons through the spaces of lace to add some color and uniqueness to your lace baskets. Use different colors and material of ribbon to dress up your baskets for different events.

These delicate baskets would make great gifts for Mothers day with a few little soaps or candles, teas and other special little treats.

You can also use this as an one of a kind flower girl basket – fresh and stylish for any wedding! Just simply add ribbon from the colors of the wedding and create a handle. To add to the classic vintage feel of the basket, just simply add a string of pearls for the handle.
Project Tips:
These basket are very delicate and should only be made to hold very few items or very light weight items, especially if they are being carried around. Heavy things may be ok if the basket are used to sit around.

Photo Credits:
Top Images: Amy Perl
Final Images: Country Living (Left) and Brass Paper Clip (right)

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Handmade Tulle Tutu Tutorial

Make an adorable tulle tutu. perfect for dress-up, costume, or a special occasion. What little girl doesn’t like to play princess for a day?! These lovely tulle tutus would also be super cute for a flower girl in an upcoming wedding! This technique allows you to quickly create an adorable tulle tutu for your favorite person or pet, using a few simple supplies. Be careful. tulle tutus are addictive! You may find yourself with one in every color!

Things you need (Makes 1 tutu for a baby, child, or pet):
2 Spools of Tulle Netting in your favorite color
1″ thick Waistband (non curling) Elastic
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
Tape measure

Things to do:
1. Measure the waist of the person (or beloved pet) who will be wearing the tutu. Add one inch to this measurement.
2. Cut a piece of elastic to match this measurement.
3. Overlap the ends of the elastic, forming a waistband, and sew to secure. You can do this by hand or machine. Instead of using elastic for the waistline, you can tie the strips around a long piece of ribbon and then use the ends to tie it up and make a bow. What girl doesn’t love to be even more of a princess with ribbons?
4. Decide how long you want your tutu to be. 12″ is a good length for small children. Crawling babies and pets may need shorter lengths. about 8″ would work.
5. Double the length measurement you want. so if you want 12″ in finished length, you will need to cut 24″ strips of tulle.
6. Use scissors to cut strips of tulle from the roll in your desired length.
7. Use a lark’s head knot* to attach each strip to the tulle tutu. Place strips all the way around the waistband. The more strips you use, the fuller your tutu will be. Your tulle tutu is finished and ready to wear when you are happy with the look


Project Notes:
Don’t limit yourself to a single color. you can use multiple colors to create a unique tutu for any occasion.
Decorate the waistband of your tulle tutu with silk flowers or pretty ribbon for a fresh new look.

*Larks Head Knot: This is a very easy knot to make. chance are, you already know how to make one, but didn’t know the name of it!
1. Fold the strip of tulle in half, forming a loop at the top, and letting the ends dangle.
2. Place the loop behind the elastic waistband, and pass the tulle ends through the loop.
3. Pull the ends to secure.


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