Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag

Every year I scramble around on Halloween evening looking for something for my kids to take trick or treating for their candy haul. I can’t bring myself to buy those plastic buckets that break halfway through the night, so they often end up using a handled shopping bag.

This year, however, I’m prepared. With a little felt and some zigg-zagging on the sewing machine, a simple white cotton tote becomes a Halloween worthy treat bag! Bring on the candy! (And make sure some of my favorites end up in there too!)

Things you need:
White cotton tote bag
1 – Orange Felt Square
1 – Yellow Felt Square
Orange thread
Spray Adhesive
Sewing Machine
Pencil and paper

Things to do:
1. Cut a candy corn shaped triangle that will fit comfortably onto your tote. Lightly trace the shape onto the bag and then cut it into thirds.
2. Use the top third of the paper as a pattern to cut the yellow felt and the middle third to cut the orange felt. Discard the bottom piece.
3. Coat the backs of the two pieces of felt with spray adhesive and smooth them into place within your traced shape.
4. Thread your machine and set on the zig-zag function with a length of 1 (or somewhere on the shorter side) and a width of 5 (or close to as wide as it will go.)
5. Stitch all the way around your candy corn shape, being sure that you catch the edges of the felt and staying on the line you traced.
6. Stitch across where the yellow and orange pieces meet and again where the orange meets the white.
7. Trim all your tails and send them out to bring home the haul!

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    1. Christine, I love that idea! Maybe even use them for recycled grocery bags with a little holiday fun?!