Buttonball Ornament

Here’s a perfect Christmas ornament for the sewing fiend in your life (and a great way to cull your button collection as well!). Bright, cheerful and oh so crafty, a buttonball is just the thing for a Crafter’s Christmas!

Things you’ll need:
Buttons, various sizes and colors
Bead headed quilting pins, assorted colors
Styrofoam ball
1/2 inch wide ribbon

Things to do:
1. Cut a three-inch piece of ribbon and cross over the ends to form a loop. Layering one small button over a larger one, push a pin through the two buttons and over the join in the ribbon and into the ball.
2. Continue to attach buttons, or layers of buttons, to the ball using the pins until the entire ball is covered.

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  1. These are gorgeous! A fun way to bond with your kids and have unique ornaments for your tree (also, to dispose of those extra buttons lying around the house D ).

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