Butterfly Feet

When my kids were born I had the obligatory (but no less cherished) hand and foot prints made for our scrapbooks. And in the years since I’ve often done other hand prints to track their growth, but the feet have been forgotten. SO recently I decided to remedy this with some footprint art that’s a little more than just a footprint! Butterflies! (So fun for a little girl’s room!)

Things you’ll need:
Acrylic paint
Foam brush
Heavy watercolor paper or canvas panels

Things to do:
1. Set your child up on a table where you can comfortably access their little toes.
2. Paint different colors at random over one foot.
3. Press down onto the paper so that the right foot is on the left side (or the left on the right, depending where you started)
4. Roughly mimic the paint pattern on the opposite foot and press it down next to it’s pair so that the feet are facing away from each other, creating a pair of butterfly wings.
5. Add antenna with a paintbrush (finger tips are great for the dots at the top!) and allow the paint to dry before displaying.

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