Burlap Fabric Printed Pillows

Take a little burlap, a dash of paint and some freezer paper and you have what you need to add a bit of fall interest to your living room decor.

Things you’ll need:
Black fabric paint
Freezer paper
Pillow form
Foam brush
Sewing machine and notions

Things to do:
1. Cut two squares of burlap the same dimensions as your pillow.
2. Cut one piece of freezer paper the same dimensions of the pillow. Using a stencil or cutting freehand, turn the paper into a stencil of the design of your choice.
3. Laying one of the squares on a covered work surface, iron the paper, shiny side down, onto the burlap using a dry iron.
4. Paint the uncovered surfaces of the fabric, working from the outside in to help keep the paint from seeping under the edges.
5. Peel away the freezer paper and allow the paint to dry.
6. Layer the two pieces of burlap, right sides together, and stitch almost all the way around, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance leaving a 5 inch space along one side unsewn. *Hint!* Do not leave the opening at a corner! Try to center the opening instead! This will give you sharp, even corners and will make sewing the opening up much easier!
7. Trim the corners almost to the stitch line and turn right side out. Slip your pillow form inside and hand stitch the opening closed.

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