Burlap Button Turkey Placecards

Every year, my parents host a Thanksgiving Dinner for the international graduate students in my Father’s department. It’s a great opportunity to get to know these kids and to help them feel a little more at home in their temporary country. It’s also the perfect time to share traditions since Thanksgiving is pretty much Unique to North America. Over the years there have been a lot of laughs and questioning looks over Thanksgiving fare. Spray whipped cream? Dessert made from a squash? Do you eat like this everyday?

This year I’m helping out by getting the table decorations set for the big meal, and along with the centerpieces and the white tablecloths, I’m making one of these turkey place cards for each guest. They’ll help get everyone seated in good order and are pretty, without being stuffy, after all, this will be a multi-generational meal, so the crystal is staying in the cupboard. Gobble Gobble!

Things you need:
1″ covered button kit
Burlap fabric sheet
Fall colored cardstock
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Using the guide in your button kit, cut circles from your wool scraps.
2. Press the fabric and button cover down into the holder and insert button back according to the package directions. Repeat for the number of placecards needed.
3. Cut 5 feathers and one head from your cardstock for each place card.
4. Cut a 4″ x 5″ square of cardstock for each place card and fold in half along the longer side.
5. Fan out the feathers and glue onto one side of the card, centering the head in the middle.
6. Glue the button in place for the body.
7. Inscribe each card with the name of a guest and set the table for Turkey Day!

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  1. I always try to design a little something different for holiday place cards………..this is perfect for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing…………Anne