Book Page Heart Jar (valentine)

A candle lit evening and a good book. Sounds like the perfect evening. Made even nice by the candle lit book pages in this simple project.

Things you’ll need:
Old book pages
Craft knife and cutting mat
Two jars, one that will fit comfortably inside the other.
Heart punch
Votive candle

Things to do:
1. Trim the edges of the pages away so that you have mostly text and so your paper is only slightly shorter than your larger jar.
2. Punch a heart out of the center of both the front and back paper for the jar, folding the paper down to reach the center as needed.
3. Slip the smaller jar inside the larger and then slide the paper in between the two. The smaller jar will both hold the paper in place and protect it from the flame.
4. Drop the candle into the smaller jar and light.

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