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Bleach Stamped Fabric

I’m a big sewer and tackle all sorts of project and I’m always frustrated when I have a project in mind but can’t quite find the fabric to match. Which is why I love bleach stamping. This technique allows you to take plain fabric and turn it into something totally unique and just what you want, with little more than some bleach and a stamp. Bleach stamping will work on most fabric weights and styles, here we used linen and flower stamps to create a summery look but you could create totally different looks depending on your fabric and stamp choices. Be sure to use great care when working with bleach so that you don’t get it where you don’t want it!

Difficulty level: Beginner, but adult only
Time required: Less than an hour

Things you’ll need:
Lid or plate
Paper towels

Things to do:
1. Fold your paper towels and trim if needed to fit easily inside the lid or plate.

2. Dribble a little bleach onto the paper towel. Just enough to dampen the towel without soaking it.
3. On a protected work surface, lay our your fabric.
4. Press the stamp into the paper towel and then onto the fabric. Repeat until you have stamped the entire piece of fabric.

5. Allow the fabric to dry before using. Heat set the bleaching lightly with an iron.

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