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Bleach Pen Fabric

This is an interesting technique with a lot of applications. Use it in quilting, crafting, scrapbooking or just to hang on your walls. The bleach pen creates a faux-batik look that adds interest to what was just plain fabric. The level of bleaching depends on how long you leave the gel on to work so make a few trial pieces and see what you like. And remember use with caution. This is bleach, so make sure you have covered your work surface well and wear an apron (and maybe gloves!)

Things you need:
Cotton fabric, any color or pattern
Bleach pen
Freezer paper or other plastic coated material to line your work surface

Things to do:
1. Cover your work surface with freezer paper, plastic side down, this will prevent the bleach from soaking through onto your work surface.
2. Spread out your fabric (you may want to iron it so that it lies flat!)
3. With your bleach pen and it’s narrow tip, draw patterns, squiggles and dots all over your fabric.
4. Let the fabric sit from 5-15 minutes and then wash in warm water until the bleach is completely washed away.
5. Use in any application that you would normally use quilting fabric! (This looks pretty hanging on a wall in an embroidery hoop too!)

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