Binder Clip Photo Holders

I love having photos of my kids and family on my desk but I don’t always have frames handy, so having easy, quick ways to display my photos is a plus in my book. This trick is so simple and fun! And bonus, you can customize these easily with paint or washi tape. Here we’ve use gold spray paint to brighten this set but you could pick your own colors and run with it!

Time required: 5 minutes plus dry time
Difficulty level: easy

Things you’ll need:
Binder clips
Spray paint
Washi tape (optional)

Things to do:
1. Clip your binder clips to some cardboard and, in a ventilated space, spray the body of the clip in thin layers until it’s well covered.

2. Once the clips are dry, carefully insert the pictures by pulling back on the arms of the clips.

3. Adjust the photos so they are centered and so the bottom edge of the print rests on the bottom of the clip. Squeeze the arms together and slip them out of the edges of the clip. Stand the picture on the flat end.

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