Animal Topped Storage Jars

Kids, and grownups too sometimes, have stuff. Lots of stuff. Little collections of marbles and coins and army men and plastic animals and STUFF. Here’s a project that both puts some of that STUFF to work and give you some cute storage to keep it in.

Things you’ll need
Small toys
Craft glue
Lidded jars
Spray Paint

Things to do:
1. Glue the toy to the center of the lid, take the shape of the toy into account when you are centering it so that the weight of it is centered. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

2. On a covered work surface and in a well ventilated space, paint the lids and toy with several thin layers of spray paint. Be sure to paint the underside of the toys if visible.
3. Once the toy and lid are completely covered with paint, allow the paint to harden overnight before screwing the lid back onto the filled jars.

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