Our Acrylic Ornaments to be Seen on Future Episode of Glee!

gleeHello Gleeks! I know we are all excited for the return of Glee after its four month absence in our lives (I know I am)! For those who are not too familiar with the new Fox hit show (which won the 2010 Golden Globe Award for best television series), Glee is an American musical comedy drama that centers around an Ohio high school, where an optimistic teacher recruits a group of misfit students and is determined to lift the schools glee club called “New Directions” to great glory.

Our beloved show, Glee, returns to Fox on April 13th and they have now confirmed that they will perform Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and Poker Face in an upcoming episode. Lady Gaga is to become the latest star guest on the hit TV show “Glee.” Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, says, “We reached out to Lady Gaga and she said, ‘Yes, I’d love to be a part of it.’ So we will be doing Lady Gaga this season.” The character, Rachel, played by Lea Michele will perform her own version of the hit song “Poker Face” and it has been described as “stripped down.” The cast will take on the hit “Bad Romance” while wearing a wardrobe that even resembles some of Lady Gaga’s more outrageous outfits.

It has been said that Fox has spared no expense on the wardrobe as they have sent their cast to the same tailor that makes Lady Gaga’s outfits. One of the outfits being the outlandish and very memorable bubble dress made of our acrylic ornaments, which was first seen at Boston’s House of Blues for the T-Mobile Sidekick Grammy Celebration Concert. So everyone set your DVR’s to record this much needed and very exciting episode of Glee!

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