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Valentine’s Day Craft Project – Valentine Paper Mache Mailbox

valentines mailbox Valentines Day Craft Project   Valentine Paper Mache Mailbox
Every Valentines Day, kids can be seen exchanging cards, featuring their favorite cartoon and singer idols or even showing their creative side and making their own. However, what are they to collect them in? Your child can create their own mailbox for all those lovely little love letters! This mailbox is super easy to make and would be perfect for the little ones school parties. These paper mache mailboxes are perfect solution for storing all those Valentines and special treats. Your child can use a variety of items to create their own special and unique Valentines mailbox. Your child can decorate their plain old paper mache mailbox with fun foamie craft items like sport, conversation heart, fun and funky stickers, or heart shaped foamies. You can also use glitter to add a little glitz and glam. You may also want to consider scrapbooking embellishments such as ribbon, tags, and stickers. To help create a critter mailbox you could cut out shapes using foamie sheets, use googly eyes, and even use pipe cleaners for the antennas! Your child can simply paint the mailbox with Apple Barrel acrylic paints of your choice or cover with decorative paper (trace each part of the mailbox, cut and then glue onto the box…with adult supervision of course) and your child can begin creating their master piece!
valentines mailbox2 Valentines Day Craft Project   Valentine Paper Mache Mailbox
When working, be sure to let your child let them do the majority of the work. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take pride in what they’ve created. Involving the whole family to help create your child’s mailbox can quickly become a fun night, filled with fun and laughter. You may even want to consider sneaking in your own Valentine in the box before your child heads off to school. Later, they will be reminded how much they are loved. Being loved on Valentine’s Day is cool… even if it is just by your mom!

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