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Upcyle: Old Tshirts into Trendy Necklaces

tshirt necklace Upcyle: Old Tshirts into Trendy Necklaces
T-shirt necklaces are a fun way to up-cycle your old t-shirts. Feel free to explore different designs and incorporate braids, beads, or pins into your t-shirt necklace.

Things you’ll need:

Things to do:
1. Lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface.
2. Starting at the bottom of your t-shirt, begin cutting 1’’ wide strips of fabric width-wise across your t-shirt. Discard the first strip because it will be the hem of your t-shirt. Stop cutting strips when you reach the middle of your t-shirt or when you reach any unwanted writing on your t-shirt (about 10 strips).
3. Discard the top section of the t-shirt and gather your remaining strips.
4. Hold each strip and stretch using both hands. Pull hard enough so that the t-shirt strips round but not hard enough to pull the loops apart at the seams.
5. Cut all of your stretched t-shirt loops once so that they become long strings.
6. Set one string aside to bond the other strings together at the end.
7. From your remaining strings, select one and tie both ends of the string into a small knot. Take your next string, cut 1-2 inches off and tie the ends into a small knot. Lay this shorter loop on top of the first loop. Continue cutting, tieing, and layering your t-shirt strings until you achieve a layered waterfall effect with your strings.
8. Gather your layered t-shirt strings in one hand, and take the string you set aside in your other hand.
9. Make sure all of your layered t-shirt strings fall nicely and that all of the small knots are at one end together.
10. Tie the string you set aside around all the other strings to bond them near their small knots. Take care to leave a small tail hanging off the bonding string knot so that you can tuck it back for a secure necklace knot.
11. Wrap the bonding string around the small knots of the other strings and tie a second knot around all the strings. Tuck this knot underneath the wrapped string.
12. Put the necklace on over your head and drape the strings so that the waterfall design can be showcased.

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