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Upcycle: Puzzle Piece Snowflake

Puzzle Piece Snowflake Upcycle: Puzzle Piece Snowflake
If you have kids, you have puzzles, and probably puzzles that are missing a few pieces. While that may not be great for your puzzle making mojo, don’t throw those puzzles away! Miscellaneous puzzle pieces are great for all sorts of crafts, including this fun snowflake ornament.

Things you’ll need:
Silver or white acrylic paint
Glitter or glitter spray
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. On a covered work surface, paint the puzzle pieces with two or three layers of paint or until the pattern of the puzzle is no longer visible.
Puzzle Piece Snowflake2 Upcycle: Puzzle Piece Snowflake
2. Starting with a center piece, glue five or six puzzle pieces evenly around it.
Puzzle Piece Snowflake3 Upcycle: Puzzle Piece Snowflake
3. Layer puzzle pieces to create the arms of the snowflakes and branches off of them until you have formed a snowflake shape. Allow the glue to dry.
4. Cut a four or five inch piece of ribbon and tie into a secure loop. Using a generous dollop of glue, attach the ribbon to the back of the snowflake and allow the glue to dry thoroughly before hanging.
Puzzle Piece Snowflake4 Upcycle: Puzzle Piece Snowflake

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