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Simple Centerpieces for Memorial Day that Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

memorial day centerpieces Simple Centerpieces for Memorial Day that Won’t Soon Be Forgotten
With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s never too soon to start planning the festivities. Whether you’ll be hosting a backyard bash or enjoying a cozy barbecue for two, adding a few special touches to your tabletop will help make the celebration even more memorable. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating festively patriotic centerpieces. Set the tone with these simple centerpieces:

Romantic Rendezvous Centerpieces
Dining after sundown? Cast a romantic glow with a dramatic Memorial Day candle tablescape. To make, simply group chunky red, white, and blue tapers atop an Oval Glass Mirror, and accentuate with red, white and blue marbles, painted wood stars, or any other patriotic embellishments.

memorial day centerpieces3 Simple Centerpieces for Memorial Day that Won’t Soon Be ForgottenAfternoon Dining Centerpieces
If you have a stash of miniature American flags on hand, it’s a breeze to make a Memorial Day centerpiece that’s loaded with visual interest. To make, simply stand the flags in clear glass jars with red, white, and blue sand.

Red, White, and Blue Carnation Centerpieces
If colored carnations aren’t available, create your own floral masterpieces by spraying garden cut blooms with colored floral spray.

Repurposed Christmas Centerpieces
For a stunning focal point, layer red, white, and blue glass ornaments in an oversized clear glass bowl, and add a meandering strand of battery-powered teeny white lights.

Deliciously Sweet Centerpieces
This sweet showpiece serves double-duty. To make, simply layer red, white, and blue candies in tall, clear glass vessels.

memorial day centerpieces21 Simple Centerpieces for Memorial Day that Won’t Soon Be ForgottenEnlightening Centerpieces
Upcycled tin can luminaries add instant sparkle to any tabletop. To create, paint salvaged tin cans with red, white, and blue Apple Barrel acrylic paint and allow to thoroughly dry. Fill cans with water and freeze. Then, put on safety goggles and use a hammer and nail to punch a star pattern through the tin, and light with a votive candle. Photo Credit: Crafts for All Seasons

While you’re enjoying the company of family and friends this Memorial Day, be sure to pay homage to those who have lost their lives in service of our nation. Enjoy creating new, lasting memories with these special and simple centerpieces for Memorial Day.


3 Responses to “Simple Centerpieces for Memorial Day that Won’t Soon Be Forgotten”
  1. jayne says:

    Such cute ideas, will have to try some!

  2. Lorraine says:

    very nice crafts I have taken a few to try Thank you!

  3. Penny says:

    Great ideas! Love the luminaries. Have to try these – and good idea for other holidays as well.

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