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Santa Spoon Handmade Ornament

santa spoon31 Santa Spoon Handmade OrnamentHere is a fun and simple project even the kid’s could do! Create handmade ornaments that could be used every year.

Things you will need:
1 – Wood Spoon
1 – White Felt Square
1 – Rusty Tin Star or anything other embellishment you would like to use
1 – Dish Towel
1 – Unfinished Wood Furniture Button
Flesh Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
Creamy Peach Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint
St. Nick-O-Locks Doll Hair
Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Tacky Glue
Paint Brushes and Accessories
santa spoon1 300x265 Santa Spoon Handmade Ornament

1. Take your wooden spoon and paint the “scoop section” of the spoon with the Flesh Apple Barrel acrylic paint and let dry. ***Tip*** You can also mix the Flesh Apple Barrel paint with white Apple Barrel paint for a lighter tone. Just add small amounts of white acrylic paint until desired color.
2. Paint the unfinished wood furniture button with the Flesh Apple Barrel acrylic paint. Let dry and set aside.
3. Next, cut the towel 4″ width by 12″ height . Wrap the towel length wise around the wooden spoon and glue the edges together with the Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Tacky glue .
4. Cut one 3/4″ width by 4″ length strip and one 1″ width by 2″ length strip from the white felt square.
5. Glue the 3/4″ width by 4″ length felt strip at the bottom of the towel and glue the 1″ width by 2″ length felt strip on the top of the towel. Glue on any embellishments you desire ( we used the small rusty tin star).
6. Glue on the painted furniture button on as Santa’s nose.
7. Paint on eyes with the black Apple Barrel acrylic paint. Paint the end of the Santa’s nose and rosy cheeks with the Creamy Peach Apple Barrel acrylic paint.
8. Finally, wrap the St. Nick-O-Locks doll hair around your hand about 6 times (more depending on the fullness desired), then slip off your hand and cut each end of the bundle. Carefully glue the beard onto the spoon right beneath Santa’s nose.

santa spoon4 Santa Spoon Handmade Ornament


3 Responses to “Santa Spoon Handmade Ornament”
  1. aprilornament says:

    Cute idea, can’t wait to try it.

  2. judy says:

    Going to try this great idea. Problem is I need almost 200! Will be checking to see if I can buy in bulk! Eyes, felt, hat material all ok. But I am worried about spoons and doll hair. Maybe they are out there, I just never needed to look!

    • 200 shouldn’t be too big of a deal! If you look at the supplies listed in the project, you will see that we carry everything you need to complete it. We carry bulk of the hair and spoons, as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, as I am more than happy to help you. Happy crafting!

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