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Rustic Patriotic Ribbon Flag

Patriotic Ribbon Flag Rustic Patriotic Ribbon Flag
Hanging a flag on your house is, of course, a pretty traditional thing to do around Independence Day, or really any time of the year. And it’s a great look, especially if you have a graceful porch to hang it from. But if you don’t, or if you are looking for a slightly different look, this ribbon flag is just the thing.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Time required: 30 minutes

Things you’ll need:
A variety of ribbons in red, white an blue
2 foot length of ½ by ½ wood
Staple gun and staples

Things to do:
1. Lay the wood out of a hard work surface.
Patriotic Ribbon Flag2 Rustic Patriotic Ribbon Flag
2. Starting with the thinner or more see-thru ribbons and spacing them out randomly along the length of the wood staple ribbons until you reach the 2/3 mark. Trim the ribbons at about the 4 foot length.
Patriotic Ribbon Flag3 Rustic Patriotic Ribbon Flag
3. For the remainder of the piece of wood staple blue only pieces of ribbon until you reach the end. Trim these blue ribbons to about 1 ½ length foot.
4. Add a second layer of ribbon to the back of the first, filling in until you have solid coverage. These should be trimmed at the 4-foot length.
5. Flip the “flag” over and trim the ribbons to be more or less evenly along the bottom edge and also trim the blue section evenly to create a stars section.
Patriotic Ribbon Flag4 Rustic Patriotic Ribbon Flag
6. Hang the flag on a flat wall surface.
Patriotic Ribbon Flag5 Rustic Patriotic Ribbon Flag

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