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Make your own Burlap Wreath

April 7, 2013 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

Burlap Wreath Make your own Burlap Wreath
A burlap wreath is a fantastic, basic wreath that can be hung as is or used as a base for all sorts of themed wreaths. You can make a denser wreath by tripling up on this process, creating bunches that attach to the far inside and far outside ring of the wreath or just create this simpler version on the center ring.

Things you’ll need:
Wire wreath form
Burlap fabric
Floral wire

Things to do:
1. Cut the burlap into a strip of about 20 inches wide. A wider strip will give a bulkier wreath, a narrower strip will create a thinner one.
Burlap Wreath2 Make your own Burlap Wreath
2. Gather the end of the strip into a tight bunch and wrap securely with wire. Loop the wire onto the center ring of the wreath and twist to secure.
Burlap Wreath3 Make your own Burlap Wreath
Burlap Wreath4 Make your own Burlap Wreath
3. Pull another bunch together about 18 inches from the first and wire it tightly.
4. Wire this new bunch about 1/8 of the way around the wreath away from the first one. This will create a poof of fabric between the two wired sections.
Burlap Wreath5 Make your own Burlap Wreath
5. Continue this process until you are all the way around. On the last bunch, trim the fabric about ½ an inch past the place you will wire and flip the end under before attaching it to the wreath.
Burlap Wreath6 Make your own Burlap Wreath

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