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Keeping your Fairies Happy in your Fairy Garden

July 14, 2010 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under For the Home, Summer Crafts

fairy garden entertaining fairies Keeping your Fairies Happy in your Fairy Garden
While lush miniature plants and fairy houses are essential for attracting fairies and wee people into your enchanted fairy garden neighborhood, you’ll need to cater to their every fairy whim to make sure they’ll take up permanent residence. So, just how do you make a fairy happy? It’s easier than you might think.

Busy hands are happy hands, and wee fairy hands are no exception. While fairies like to play jokes and have fun, they’re also fastidious gardeners and housekeepers and take pride in keeping their enchanted plants and homes looking their best. To help them with their fairy duties, stock your enchanted garden with an ample supply of gardening tools, garden signs, watering cans, and a wheelbarrow.

After a hard day’s work, fairies like nothing more than kicking back and taking a wee load off, so be sure that your enchanted garden has ample resting places. While some fairies like to perch atop smooth stones, woodland fairies prefer rustic twig benches and park benches surrounded by rusty tin fences.

Fairies are highly sociable, and are often seen entertaining wee guests from neighboring gardens. So, if you happen to hear tinkling bells or the faintest of giggles, chances are there’s a fairy party in progress. Encourage your fairies to host enchanted garden bashes by supplying them with picnic baskets, tea sets, and pitchers and glasses. Who knows? Maybe their guests will enjoy the party so much they’ll decide to stick around! (Tip: Plant plenty of sweet nectar flowers so they’ll always have ingredients on hand for baking teensy sweet treats.)

Fairies are mischievous, fun-loving, and hard-working, but they’re not pretentious, so even the smallest gesture will be appreciated. While catering to fairy whims is an important part of keeping your enchanted friends content, fostering a belief in magical worlds and faraway places is what makes them happiest of all.

Photo Credits: The Feathered Nest


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