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Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments

December 1, 2011 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Winter Crafts

Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
This craft came about as a last ditch effort to preserve my son’s belief of Santa Claus, as I was sure that he wouldn’t last another year of Magic we call the Fantasy of Christmas. …. well, I was wrong!  I’ve squeezed (so far) another year of sheer Christmas magic out of him. My son Daniel is 10. 
I found an idea last year for something that would preserve this Christmas Magic in pretty keepsakes, and to mark the milestones of children. I purchased a cheap set of plastic baubles that would fit in my child’s hands, with both shiny and matte finished baubles, but all blue.  I thought that blue would be a good “night” or “sky” color for the little snowmen that we were to create, however I doubt it would matter what colors you purchased, except for silver. We want the handprints to stand out. The matte finished baubles work better, as the painted slippery fingers grip better. They definitely slip all over the shiny ones.

Things you’ll need:
Matte finished Plastic Baubles (that coincide with the size of your child’s hand)
White Acrylic Paint
Foam brush
Set of colored Permanent Markers ( I used CD/DVD Markers)
Egg cups

Things to do:
 1.  Paint a swatch of newspaper big enough to put your child’s palm on. Place hand palm down and lightly press over the hand, paying attention to all of their fingers.
 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments2 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments3 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
2.  Hold the bauble at an angle to best have the fingers come up the side, with the flat of their palm directly on the bottom of the sphere, and have them grip the ball.  Help them to hold it in their hands without moving their fingers, and gently pressing each finger onto the surface with your hand around theirs.  Holding the top, have them let go quickly, so as not to smudge the fingerprints too much.
Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments4 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments5 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
 3.  Place your painted baubles upside-down on the egg cups, and lightly sprinkle with glitter, giving a good coverage.  Wait for the paint to dry.
 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments6 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
4.  When the paint is dry,blow away excess glitter and using the markers, draw onto the fingerprints, hats, and faces, carrots, stones, buttons, ties, and don’t forget their hands of twigs.  This can be done by the older child, but will have to be done by the adult if the child can’t write or hold a pen properly.  If the child can write their names, have them put it on the bottom of the bauble, and write the year. 
Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments7 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
 5.  Decorate the top of the bauble with pretty ribbons or loops of twine, hang on your evergreen, and simply enjoy!  Next year, repeat the process, and see just how different each handprint is, in comparison to the years before.  Marvel at the wonder of the Christmas spirit that lives within all of us. 
Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments8 Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments
I wish each and every one of you, the brightest and happiest holidays ever!
Rae Albery
Luxury Lathers


7 Responses to “Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments”
  1. Thyri says:

    That is a great crafty idea!! Super cool!

  2. Robin says:

    Really cute, I think Ill make some!!

  3. GRAMS WINNIE says:

    I have really enjoyed these very original fun Christmas ornaments. i will do some with my great grand children. i just know we will have fun. thank u for sharing these with us. hugs and Christmas greetings. grams

  4. Jo says:

    Thats so cool and looks easy to do )

  5. Terri says:

    Great idea for kids to make for Grandparents or Parents. A good keepsake and family heirloom. Thanks for sharing the directionsHugs

  6. Susan says:

    Your ideas are so creative!!!!

  7. Brenda says:

    What a neat idea to do with children for a gift to give to grandparents or to send out to other relatives that are far away for Christmas. Your crafts are so wonderful! And the way you put them together here is easy to understand and remember! Thanks for some wonderful crafts!

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