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Handprint Heart with Acrylic Paints

Handprint Heart love Handprint Heart with Acrylic Paints
This is a great way for little hands to spread some Valentine’s Day love. It’s best to start with plain white paper that can be cut down and mounted onto a card rather than pre-mounting the paper and trying to center wiggly little hands in the right spot.

Things you’ll need:
Red craft paint
Foam brush
White paper

Things to do:
1. Paint a generous coat of red paint onto one of your child’s hands. Have them hold their fingers slightly together and their thumb at approximately a 30 degree angle.
2. Press the hand onto the paper, slightly off center, rolling the fingers slightly to make sure the paint makes good contact with the paper.
3. Repeat with the other hand, creating a heart in the void between the thumbs, criss-crossing the fingers.
Handprint Heart love2 Handprint Heart with Acrylic Paints
4. Allow the paint to dry before cropping the paper and attaching it to the card.


One Response to “Handprint Heart with Acrylic Paints”
  1. christina says:

    I think this such a cute idea, it would make a cute card for grandparents or parents

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