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Felted Ball Wreath

Felted Ball Wreath Felted Ball Wreath
This winter I’ve been doing a great deal of knitting. Lots of wool, lots of yarn, lots of projects. Which has left a lot of scrap yarn sitting at the bottom of my work basket. At the same time, my front door has been looking a little bland without my holiday wreath. So I decided to combine the two to create a simple and modern wreath using wool scraps and a simple felting technique.

Things you’ll need:
Flat wreath form
Ball of neutral colored yarn
Felted beads or balls
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Start by creating at least 10 felted wool balls or beads of various sizes. You can find a detailed tutorial here.
2. Allow your felted beads to dry completely.
3. Tie a loop of yarn tightly around the edge of the wreath and start wrapping, keeping the yarn loops close together to block out the wreath form underneath.
Felted Ball Wreath2 Felted Ball Wreath
Felted Ball Wreath3 Felted Ball Wreath
Felted Ball Wreath4 Felted Ball Wreath
4. Once the wreath is fully covered, arrange your beads to your liking along one side. Add more or less to create the look you are looking for and glue them down and to each other with small dots of hot glue.
Felted Ball Wreath5 Felted Ball Wreath
5. Tie a loop of yarn around the wreath at the length needed for your door and tuck the ends into the back of the wreath under the loops. Hang and enjoy!


2 Responses to “Felted Ball Wreath”
  1. Kountrykat says:

    I teach craft classes to elderly and somewhat disabled seniors. I would love some easy and fun ideas. Using household or recycled items would be a big bounus. Thanks in advance. Will be glad to share photos of finished items, and maybe our students too.

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