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Felt and Elastic Bookmark

Felt Elastic Bookmark Felt and Elastic Bookmark
I’m always in search of a good bookmark. Books are everywhere in my house and I never have just one that I’m working on, so keeping my place in them is crucial. And while a scrap of paper will do, it’s always nicer to have an actual bookmark. This one is an excellent choice. Not only is it pretty, the elastic holds it’s place extremely well. And bonus, it’s a fun little afternoon project to make.

Things you’ll need:
Felt in two colors
Embroidery thread and needle
Scissors and pinking shears
Hot glue gun and glue stick

Things to do:
1. Cut out three circles of felt. Two using inking shears that are the same size and one slightly smaller with normal scissors.
Felt Elastic Bookmark2 Felt and Elastic Bookmark
2. On the small circle of felt, embroider a simple design using the embroidery thread and needle.
3. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the back of the small circle and center it on one of the larger ones. The glue holds things in place while you stitch.
Felt Elastic Bookmark3 Felt and Elastic Bookmark
4. Using a running stitch near the edge of the smaller circle, attach the two together.
5. Cut the elastic so that, looped, it is slightly smaller than the length of a normal sized book. Attach the two ends, first with a little glue to hold them and then stitching them together well.
6. Lightly glue the two larger circles together with the elastic running between them so that the seam in the elastic is inside the circles.
7. Using a running stitch, sew the two circles together and to the elastic by stitching just inside the pinked edge.

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