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Easy DIY Felt and Ribbon Tassels

Felt and Ribbon Tassel Easy DIY Felt and Ribbon Tassels
These cute tassels are a snap to make with leftover felt and ribbon. Excellent as toppers for gifts or for small decorations around the house, they are so simple you might just find yourself making a couple dozen!

Things you’ll need:
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Things to do:
1. Cut rectangles of felt approximately 4 by 8 inches long.
2. Glue the ribbon down the long edge of the felt about ¾ inch from the edge.
Felt and Ribbon Tassel2 Easy DIY Felt and Ribbon Tassels
3. Cut a three inch loop of ribbon and glue it, ends in, at one end of the rectangle so the loop comes out the edge closest to the stripe of ribbon.
Felt and Ribbon Tassel3 Easy DIY Felt and Ribbon Tassels
4. On the opposite edge, cut the fabric up to the ribbon stripe in narrow strips.
Felt and Ribbon Tassel4 Easy DIY Felt and Ribbon Tassels
5. Starting at the loop end, roll the fabric up, adding a dot of glue here and there as you go and sealing the edge well with glue.
Felt and Ribbon Tassel5 Easy DIY Felt and Ribbon Tassels

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