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DIY Vintage Button Collar

April 24, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

DIY Vintage Button Collar DIY Vintage Button Collar
A few months ago, my favorite aunt sent be a box full of hundreds and hundreds of buttons, and ever since I’ve been putting them to good use whenever I can. This little felt collar is the perfect way to show off a few of my favorites while dressing up some of my simpler t-shirts and sweaters.

Things you’ll need:
Sewing pins
Collared shirt
Thread and needle
Paper and pencil

Things to do:
1. Pin the collar of your shirt to the paper and trace around the outer edge. Push the pin through along the rounded inner edge. Unpin and connect the pin pricks to finish the pattern.
DIY Vintage Button Collar2 DIY Vintage Button Collar
2. Cut out and pin your pattern to the felt, cutting two identical pieces.
DIY Vintage Button Collar3 DIY Vintage Button Collar
3. Overlap the front edge by ΒΌ of an inch. Stitch together firmly and then sew a button over the stitches at the join.
DIY Vintage Button Collar4 DIY Vintage Button Collar
4. Cut the ribbon into two 12-inch pieces, mitering one end of each piece.
DIY Vintage Button Collar5 DIY Vintage Button Collar
5. Stitch the un-mitered ends of the ribbon to the back of the rear end on the collar pieces, making the stitches as invisible as possible.
6. Test the placement of your buttons along one side until you like the placement and then stitch into place tightly.
DIY Vintage Button Collar6 DIY Vintage Button Collar

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