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DIY Rustic Manger Scene

DIY Rustic Manger Scene DIY Rustic Manger Scene
I have a nativity set that’s been in my family since I was a little girl. And while my kids are fascinated with it and feel the constant need to shift the characters around, it’s fragile and special and just not something I’m comfortable with them playing with. Just in case. So this year I’ve made them their own (unbreakable) set.

Things you’ll need:
Wooden peg dolls – two large female dolls, one large male, one small male
Fabric scraps
Acrylic paint in blue, white and brown
Narrow ribbon
Hot glue gun and glue stick
Brown felt

Things to do:
1. Paint the bodies of the dolls. Paint one of the girls white and one blue and the large male doll brown.
DIY Rustic Manger Scene2 DIY Rustic Manger Scene
DIY Rustic Manger Scene5 DIY Rustic Manger Scene
2. Cut a half circle of fabric for Mary’s dress, a rectangle of fabric for Joseph and round the ends of a length of lace for the angle. Create a bow out of lace for the angles wings.
DIY Rustic Manger Scene4 DIY Rustic Manger Scene
3. Cut a rounded wedge of the felt and set the baby in so the head is at the point. Glue the rounded edge to the bottom of the baby and then wrap the ends around it’s body, gluing to secure.
DIY Rustic Manger Scene3 DIY Rustic Manger Scene
4. Using glue and ribbon, wrap the rectangle of fabric around Josephs head and the half circle of fabric around Mary’s body.
5. Wrap the lace around the angle, crossing over in the front and securing the ends with glue. Attach the wings to her back with glue as well.
6. Trim away flyaway fabric ends and hot glue strings and set up your scene.

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