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DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag

April 3, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
Ombre, in case you haven’t noticed, is big. BIG. As in, it’s everywhere. This project uses the gentle but striking color variations of ombre to turn a plain canvas bag into a showstopper.

Things you’ll need:
Acrylic paint and fabric medium or fabric paint, one dark, one white or very light.
Pencil with a new eraser
Canvas Bag
Masking tape

Things to do:
1. Tape off a square, rectangle or whatever shape you want on the front of the bag and smooth the edges down well to prevent the paint from seeping under.
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag2 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag3 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
2. Starting with the lightest shade, mix your paint so that you have three to four gradients between your two shades, beginning with the light and ending with the dark. If you are using fabric medium and acrylic paint, mix according to directions.
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag4 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
3. Starting at the bottom, lightly dip the eraser of your pencil into the darkest shade and stamp repeatedly in the lower ΒΌ of your masked off area, reloading with paint as necessary. You want some variation in shade even here so it’s ok for some of the dots to be lighter and for them to overlap.
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag5 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
4. Let some of the dots wander up into the next section, rinse your eraser and then start on the next shade while the first is still wet, this way the paint blends a little at the point where the color transitions.
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag6 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
5. Continue with the remaining two colors until you have filled the masked space.
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag7 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag
6. Allow the paint to dry before removing the tape. Set according to the directions on the paint.
DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag8 DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag


2 Responses to “DIY Ombre Eraser Stamp Bag”
  1. Roseanne Rogers says:

    Would like to know the colors you chose – Love that color — have lots of clothes with those colors – celery, celadon, moss — (I have green eyes). Want to make this ASAP! Thanks!

    • Jessica Christman says:

      Leaf Green Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint (#20528) and 2oz Meadow Green Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint (#20757) then I used white paint to mix with the green colors to make the lighter colors you see. If you want those exact colors just type in those item numbers onto our site and they should come up! I hope this helps and please let me know if you need anything else!

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