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DIY Lace Boot Socks

February 5, 2013 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under General Crafts

DIY Lace Boot Socks DIY Lace Boot Socks
For as long as the cold weather hangs around, I’ll be wearing my tall boots. And if I’m wearing tall boots, I’m wearing boot socks. And adding a little lace to my pain old (but cozy) boot socks is just the thing to get me through these last few cold weeks.

Things you’ll need:
Boot socks
2-inch wide lace
Thread that matches your socks
Thread that matches the lace
Sewing machine

Things to do:
1. Stretch the cuff of one of the socks as far as you can and measure your lace against that, double that length and add an extra inch. Cut two pieces of lace to that length.
DIY Lace Boot Socks2 DIY Lace Boot Socks
DIY Lace Boot Socks3 DIY Lace Boot Socks
2. Turn your socks inside out.
3. Load your machine with the thread, for the purposes of this tutorial, we’ve used a contrasting thread, but you’ll want one that matches the socks.
4. Starting on the inside edge of the sock, overlap the edge of the sock with 1/8 inch of the lace and sew in place using a zig-zag stitch, stretching the cuff of the sock as you go.
DIY Lace Boot Socks4 DIY Lace Boot Socks
5. Trim the threads and turn the sock right side out.
6. Thread the needle with the lace colored thread and sew the raw edges of the lace together neatly.
DIY Lace Boot Socks5 DIY Lace Boot Socks

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