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DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars

March 5, 2014 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Kid's Arts and Crafts

DIY Felt Roads DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars
When my little boy was small he was truck and car crazy. He loved anything with wheels and was wild about making his toy cars whizz around the room. He especially loved to play with toy roads and I always struggled with storage in our very small house, of all that track and road pieces, I wish I’d thought of this earlier! These felt roads have the benefit of being easy to store, easy to make and easily changeable so even the littlest fingers can put them together.

Time required: 15-25 minutes plus dry time
Difficulty level: Easy

Things you’ll need:
Black and orange felt or other colors of your choice in two colors one for the road and one for the dashes
Chalk or pencil
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. Measure out the width you want for the road, taking into account the general size of the cars your kids will play with. From the road color felt cut strips the width you’ve measures, using about 2/3 of the road colored felt to create straight pieces of road.
DIY Felt Roads2 DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars
2. From the remaining road color felt, cut turns, twists or turnarounds, keeping the basic width of the road, at least at the entry points, the same as the straight pieces.
DIY Felt Roads3 DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars
3. From the other color of felt, cut thin strips and then cut these into dashes for the roads.
felt roads DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars
4. Using the craft glue, attach the dashes down the middle of the road pieces, keeping the dashes away from the ends where the road will overlap. Allow the glue to dry completely.
5. Lay out the road pieces, this is best done on carpet to keep it from slipping around, overlapping the edges to create a long road with twists and turns.
DIY Felt Roads4 DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars


One Response to “DIY Felt Roads for Boys that Love Toy Cars”
  1. Jane says:

    I wish I had seen this before I bought a track it would have done the job easier.

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