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DIY Faux Feed Sack

DIY Faux Feed Sack DIY Faux Feed Sack
Things you’ll need:
Burlap Sack
Masking Tape
Stencil or other creamy paint
Scrap paper
Stencil brush

Things to do:
1. Eyeball or measure the edge of the sack and lay down strips of tape to create open spaces for the stripes.
DIY Faux Feed Sack2 DIY Faux Feed Sack
2. Smooth the tape down well.
3. Insert the paper into the bag to prevent the paint from seeping through.
4. Load your paintbrush and, with a tapping motion, dab paint along the voids between the tape. Peel off the tape and allow the paint to dry.
5. Lay down the second set of tape strips to create another layer of stripes.
6. Paint as before.
7. Peel off tape and allow the paint to dry.
DIY Faux Feed Sack3 DIY Faux Feed Sack

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