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DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies

January 20, 2010 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under For the Home

cat toys DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies
Cats love to play with little toys that shake, rattle, or smell great. Creating toys that mimic the shape of movement of a cat’s favorite prey is a great way to engage their interest, and help them get some exercise as well. You can make a sweet treat for your favorite feline using these ideas.

cat toys5 300x252 DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies Grow Catnip: One of the easiest ways to please your cat is to grow your own catnip! Select a small plastic container to start your seeds, plant, and watch your catnip grow in just a few weeks! Catnip looks just like grass, and like grass, it will continue to grow if you trim it regularly. Once your catnip is established, you can transfer it to another pot, like any of our planters and tubs that suit your particular decor. Your cat will adore the scent of fresh catnip, and you can trim and dry the blades to use in your own handmade cat toys. Drying increases the potency—so your cat will be sure to love her new toys if they are stuffed with freshly dried catnip!

cat toys31 300x190 DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies Fabric Mice: Use scrap fabric to quickly whip up a batch of mice for your favorite feline. Cut two teardrop shaped pieces for each mouse, and sew together, leaving an area for turning. Stuff with catnip and a jingle bell if desired. You can use white fabric or felt for the ears, and even add a cute yarn tail (you can also try adding a jingle bell at the end of the tail if you wanted instead of stuffing it on the inside) as pictured. These mice are small enough for kitty to carry around—so don’t be surprised if you find them all over the house!

cat toys51 300x174 DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies Knitted and Felted Mice: Don’t want to sew? Make your own knitted mice from wool yarn, and then toss them into the washer to felt. With a small amount of scrap yarn and catnip you can create your feline friend a catnip mouse. Stuff them with catnip when dry, and present to your cat. These are fast and easy to make (search for free patterns online such as Mollie’s Blog of Stuff), and very durable! Photo copyright Mollie’s Blog of Stuff. 2008

cat toys6 DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies Dangly Toys: Cat adore little items like feathers, pom-poms and bells, but these items can pose a hazard to your pet if they are too small. Instead of simply handing a few feathers over to your cat, assemble your own dangler toy with a few simple craft supplies. Paint a 3/16″ x 12″ long unfinished wood dowel, and use flexible wire (remember the higher the gauge the thinner and more flexible the wire will be) or ribbon to attach pom poms, feathers, and other items such as jingle bells. Another idea for the “string” part of the dangler would be to use a small section of a marabou feather boa of your choice. Consider using yarn pom poms to add heft, and a few long marabou feathers to attract your cat’s interest.


4 Responses to “DIY Cat Toys Using Basic Craft Supplies”
  1. deborahharry says:

    Cat’s are so cute and very beautiful. Thanks for your info.

  2. karthieepstein says:

    It’s a very good post I have come across. I really like this post very much. It’s a very appreciated post. Thanks for sharing. Keep blogging.


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