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Craft Paper Botanical Print

Craft Paper Botanical Print Craft Paper Botanical Print
I love those old fashioned botanical prints. They are elegant and interesting. But they don’t quite fit with my decor. Instead I’ve decided to use a modern twist on the botanical print by creating a painted silhouette on craft paper. This craft is best done with the use of an electronic cutter but if you are patient, you can also hand cut your stencil.

Things you’ll need:
Botanical image imported into your cutting software
Digital cutter or craft knife
Contact paper
Craft paint
Craft paper

Things to do:
1. Load your cutter with a sheet of contact paper and cut the image out.
Craft Paper Botanical Print2 Craft Paper Botanical Print
2. Peel off the contact paper and carefully place onto the craft paper. Pay attention to the small details, making sure they are well placed, for the best result.
3. Smooth out any bubbles and apply two coats of craft paint allowing it to dry between coats. (Here we used a brown on brown look, but any color of paint, or paper, would be fun!)
Craft Paper Botanical Print3 Craft Paper Botanical Print
4. Allow the paint to dry then carefully peel the contact paper away to reveal your print. Trim the paper to size and frame.
Craft Paper Botanical Print4 Craft Paper Botanical Print
Craft Paper Botanical Print5 Craft Paper Botanical Print

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