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Creepy Googly Eye Frame

Creepy Googly Eye Frame Creepy Googly Eye Frame
Here’s a cute and creepy way to display your fall pictures and art. Googly eyes! Your kids will love to make AND to look at this project! And bonus points if you use glow in the dark googly eyes for an extra creepy look!

Things you’ll need:
Mixed google eyes
Craft glue
Wood frame
White acrylic paint (optional)

Things to do:
1. If desired, paint the frame with a thin coat of white to match the back of the eyes. Allow the paint to dry.
Creepy Googly Eye Frame2 Creepy Googly Eye Frame
Creepy Googly Eye Frame3 Creepy Googly Eye Frame
2. Starting in one corner of the frame, spread about an inch square with a thin coat of glue. Arrange the googly eyes at random but fairly close to one another, until you have covered the glue.
Creepy Googly Eye Frame4 Creepy Googly Eye Frame
3. Move on to a new section of the frame, working in one inch sections until the entire frame is covered. Allow the glue to dry before adding a photo or art to the frame.
Creepy Googly Eye Frame5 Creepy Googly Eye Frame

Chalkboard Pumpkin

October 17, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts

Chalkboard Pumpkin Chalkboard Pumpkin
This is a fun way to decorate a pumpkin without the mess of carving! A great project for kids to do, and play with, you can let them go to town with their pumpkin decorating over and over again. You can do this project with either a real or fake pumpkin but a fake pumpkin will certainly last longer and can be used over many years.

Things you’ll need:
Chalkboard paint
Foam brush
Paint tape

Things to do:
1. Tape off the stem of the pumpkin, smoothing down the edges so that the paint doesn’t seep under.
Chalkboard Pumpkin2 Chalkboard Pumpkin
2. Coat the pumpkin with two or three thin layers of paint, allowing each to dry before the next.
Chalkboard Pumpkin3 Chalkboard Pumpkin
3. Let the paint cure overnight before removing the tape and decorating with chalk.

Faux Halloween Cupcake Decorations

Halloween Cupcake Decorations Faux Halloween Cupcake Decorations
Now that the air feels cooler and it is getting darker earlier the fall season is upon us, and has put me in the mood for a little Halloween and fall decorating! For today’s post I’m going to show you how to make a fun trick not treat decor for your kitchen or to place on your dinning room table.

Things you’ll need:
Bakers Twine: (mandarin orange and charcoal black were used here )
Halloween Cupcake Liners
2″ Styrofoam balls
Cheese cloth (optional)

Things do do:
1. Cut a sliver of each Styrofoam ball to make one side flat.
2. Using your hot glue gun put a dot of glue on the top of one of your balls and begin wrapping your first twine in a circle, keeping it tight and close together so that the white on the Styrofoam ball does not show through. Continue to add little dots of glue as you go around and around to keep it in place.
3.When you are ready use your scissors to cut your first twine and switch the twines you are using to give you a pattern. Make sure to add glue where the first twine leaves off and the second one begins. Then wrap the second twine around the ball as you did your first twine. ( You could also just use one twine color for each of your “cupcakes” it is totally up to you!)
Halloween Cupcake Decorations2 Faux Halloween Cupcake Decorations
4. Once you have wrapped your twine around each of your Styrofoam balls, take your cupcake holders ( I opted to keep three cupcake holders together for each “cupcake” for a more sturdier base ) and adding a touch of hot glue to the inside bottom place the flat side of your ball on top.
5. You can now attach your spiders where you like it with more glue, and your cupcakes are complete!
6. For a spookier look you can dress up your serving platter with cheese cloth and more spiders.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have fun making your tricks not treats!
Lisa from Lisa’s Creative Niche

Wax Dipped Leaves

October 2, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts

Wax Dipped Leaves Wax Dipped Leaves
Every fall I fall in love, all over again, with the leaves changing colors around me. I can’t get enough of them and I always wish I could keep those bright colors around a little longer. This project captures the fall leaves at their prettiest and preserves them for a few extra months so that even in the depths of winter you can have the bright beauty of fall.

Things you’ll need:
Fall leaves
Heavy books
Candle wax
Double boiler

Things to do:
1. Press the leaves between sheets of paper and under several books for a few days, allowing them to dry flat.
Wax Dipped Leaves2 Wax Dipped Leaves
2. Fill the bottom of your double boiler with water and the top with chunks of wax and heat gently until the wax is clear and melted.
3. Dip the leaves into the wax, allowing the excess wax to drip off and then waving them gently until they are dry before laying them down again.
Wax Dipped Leaves3 Wax Dipped Leaves
4. Hang in front of windows with fishing line or attach directly to the glass with decorative washi tape.
Wax Dipped Leaves4 Wax Dipped Leaves

Fall Leaves Candle

September 28, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts, For the Home

Fall Leaves Candle Fall Leaves Candle
Preserve some of that fall beauty and bring it into your décor with these fall leaves candles. This simple technique turns store bought candles into unique and beautiful additions to your fall style.

Things you’ll need:
Pillar or votive candles
Fall leaves
Candle wax
Double Boiler
Newsprint or scrap paper

Things to do:
1. Press the leaves between the pages of a book. They don’t need to dry there, although it will help their color to keep longer under the wax, mostly you just need them flattened.
Fall Leaves Candle2 Fall Leaves Candle
2. Melt the wax in the double boiler.
3. Holding the candle by the wick, dip the candle briefly into the wax right up to the top edge of the candle.
4. Pull the candle out quickly and set it on the newsprint. Carefully press the leaves into the warm wax, smoothing out the edges so that they lie flat.
Fall Leaves Candle3 Fall Leaves Candle
5. Dip the candle again, coating both the candle and the leaf. Allow the wax to harden.
6. Repeat again if the leaf appears to have uneven coverage. Let the wax harden before using.

An Easy Felt and Styrofoam Welcome Wreath

September 27, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts, For the Home

Felt Styrofoam Welcome Wreath An Easy Felt and Styrofoam Welcome Wreath
Hello and welcome to another fun craft with Lisa from Lisa’s Creative Niche! Nothing is more inviting to me than a wreath on ones front door, but sometimes I feel like I am putting one up only to have to replace it quickly for another season. Well today’s project is a Fall wreath that can stay up September through November ( and you could even pass it off for Christmas by adding a few Christmas decorations to it! )…

Things you’ll need:
Full round styrofoam wreath
Cotton butcher craft twine
Glue gun and glue sticks
Corsage Pins

Things to do:
1. Start by wrapping your butcher craft twine around the entire wreath as shown below. To keep it in place use your glue gun only on the backside of your wreath. ( Note: this can take a little time to do, but it so worth it. And don’t worry if you have overlap at the end you will be able to cover this up with your ribbon at the end )
Felt Styrofoam Welcome Wreath2 An Easy Felt and Styrofoam Welcome Wreath
2. Make your felt flowers by hand trimming vertical strips of your felt. Keep them thin, and know that the longer your strip is the bigger your flower will be. Roll these in to give you a cinnamon roll looking flower. To make really big flowers I rolled first one strip then glued another strip where the first one ended and continued to roll.
Felt Styrofoam Welcome Wreath3 An Easy Felt and Styrofoam Welcome Wreath
3. Hand cut leaves with felt, place them as you wish on your wreath and stick them on using the corsage pin in the center of each flower. Add your ribbon and display it for everyone to see!

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

September 26, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts, Kid's Arts and Crafts

Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
Every year since our kids were small, we’ve hosted a neighborhood pumpkin carving party so I can tell, you I know all sorts of pumpkin carving tricks. But this is, by far, my all time favorite for the littlest one’s in the crowd. No knives required. Just let them pick what shape and where and hammer away. If you use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer, your cookie cutters will keep their shape and the kids can safely help with the pounding.

Things you’ll need:
Pumpkins, top opened and seeds removed
Metal cookie cutters
Rubber mallet

Things to do:
1. Let your little artist pick what cookie cutters they want to use and show you where to place the shapes. Be sure that they aren’t too close together to prevent the rind of the pumpkin from becoming weak and breaking.
Cookie Cutter Pumpkin2 Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
2. With a cookie cutter sharp side against the pumpkin skin, tap the edges with the mallet, working around the edge as you go to help the cutter go in evenly.
Cookie Cutter Pumpkin3 Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
3. Continue to tap the cutter until it cuts through the rind. Remove the cutter and the cut out shape and move on to the next shape.
Cookie Cutter Pumpkin4 Cookie Cutter Pumpkins
Cookie Cutter Pumpkin5 Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

Jack-o-tub for Halloween Goodies

September 24, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts

Jack o tub Jack o tub for Halloween Goodies
It’s getting to that time of year when Halloween and harvest parties abound. This project turns a simple little washtub into a perfectly spooky treat “bowl” in just a few minutes and then turns it back to a regular tub in a snap after the party is done. Although orange is definitely as Halloweeny as you can get, any color will add fun and flavor to your get-together!

Things you’ll need:
Metal washtub
Black contact paper

Things to do:
1. Cut out shapes for eyes, nose and mouth from your contact paper, scaling them so that they are proportional to the size of your tub.
Jack o tub2 Jack o tub for Halloween Goodies
2. Peel off the backing and smooth down the shapes in place, working out all the bubbles and smoothing the edge down well so that it stays in place.
3. After the party, simply peel off your shapes and your tub is back to normal!

Upcycle: DIY Candy Bowls

September 21, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts, General Crafts

DIY Candy Bowls Upcycle: DIY Candy Bowls
Halloween is coming and I don’t know about your house, but in mine that means one thing. CANDY. While I try to limit the amount of candy my kids consume, Halloween is one of the few days of the year that I let them go a little crazy. We attend and host annual Halloween parties and the lure (and presence) of candy is too strong to resist. This year we are presenting our candy at our party in these fun, DIY candy bowls. Perfect for cookie decorating parties, decoration or just plain eating, they are easy to make with craft basics, dollar store or thrift store items.

Things you need:
Glass jars or bowls
Brass or wood candlesticks
Craft glue

Things to do:
1. If your candlesticks aren’t already painted, give them a few coats of color to match your party theme and allow them to dry overnight.
DIY Candy Bowls2 Upcycle: DIY Candy Bowls
2. Center the bowl or jar base onto the top of the candlestick, finding a good, centered spot for it.
3. Apply a generous amount of glue to join the two, wiping away any excess. Press down lightly to make sure the bowl adheres well.
4. Allow the glue to dry completely before filling with candy.

Singed Craft Paper Tags

September 17, 2012 by Jessica Christman  
Filed under Fall Crafts

Singed Craft Paper Tags Singed Craft Paper Tags
These little tags take advantage of the natural look of that great craft basic, craft paper and adds a little fun with singed edges. Perfect for Halloween or Harvest labels, they are simple and fun to make. **

Things you’ll need:
Craft paper bags
Hole punch
Candle and match
Hemp twine

Things to do:
1. Cut the paper bag into appropriately sized rectangles. Err on the side of a little big, they will be slightly smaller after singeing.
Singed Craft Paper Tags2 Singed Craft Paper Tags
2. Light the candle and lightly run the edges of the paper through the flame, immediately blowing the flame out if the paper catches. The goal is to darken and roughen the edges of the labels only.
3. Punch holes ¼ inch in from each side. Add text to the labels.
Singed Craft Paper Tags3 Singed Craft Paper Tags
4. String twine around the items to be labeled and pull the ends loosely through the holes. Tie oversized knots that wont pull through the holes and then trim away the tail close to the knot.

** Always use caution when working with an open flame. Have a bucket or water and/or a fire extinguisher handy and keep children well away.

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